Main Event

PICSA has planned 11 events (significantly designed) and will be organized in different parts of the nation beginning 11/11/2014 to 11/11/2015. Among the 11 different events, there will be 2 main events specifically planned towards attempting “Guinness World Record” for Bhutan for the first time. Since the main events (Guinness World Record attempts) are very much related to His Majesty the Fourth Druk Gyalpo’s vision towards to the conservation of environment, these events will be registered under a special project specifically founded to continue activities related towards conservation of environment. The project will be called “Bhutan Eco-Green Initiative Network” (BEGIN). We plan to take the project to all parts of the country in the near future by involving the youth population in the entire country through our many environment-friendly and employment generating activities.
Our target is to have 100,000 youths registered under the BEGIN program by 2020.